Hello! Welcome to our humble shop Chettaki Omey. Thank you very much for dropping by. If you are looking for Dexandra Perfume, you have come to the right place. Chettaki Omey is your one stop shop for all things perfumes!

Our History

Established in July 2016, Chettaki Omey has more than 1 years experience in business. Chettaki Omey as founded by Ms Nur Aliah Binti Mohd Nor who believed that it is time to bring up more team in Malaysia. Over the years, Chettaki Omey as grown to be one of the most loved online boutique in Malaysia. 

In our early days, we began our shop on Facebook with only 30 perfumes. By offering high quality perfumes to the Malaysian market, we begun to grow larger and larger. 

Realising the potential, on 2017, we took a big step by moving our business to an online store to bring a much better experience to our dear customers. Thus chettakiomey.com is born! Within the same year, we begun introducing our own and specially Dexandra products where we pour in all our fragrances. 

Today, Chettaki Omey offers more than 80 Dexandra Perfume with more and more new products introduced each week.

Our Products
Our Achievements

Thank you for visiting Chettaki Omey. We wish you have an enjoyable time browsing and buying our products. You will not be disappointed. Happy Shopping!